Conclave: Robert Harris

Good God! What the hell happened to the writer who wrote “Fatherland” and “Enigma”? This work is too long by at least half. Harris would be well advised to decide if he’s writing History or Fiction, because his version of historical fiction doesn’t work. Too bad, because there is a half-decent story here; someone just needs to chop it out with an axe.

99 44/100 dull.

Children of the Mind: Orson Scott Card

This is the last in Card’s “ENDER” series, one of the best sci-fi series in history IMHO. Card receives a huge amount of social criticism for his views but, Lordy, the man can write a good story! This one is better read after all its preceding offerings. Even given that, there is too much back story, prose and explanation to hook me like the others did. It only really works when the dialogue and plot take over from the back story. Still, a wonderful series that everyone should read.

The Caller: Karin Fossum

Tight, concise, skilled writing, but the overall effect is more like taking your Suzuki Estilete moped in for routine maintenance than taking it to the top of a high, steep hill in the forest and gliding down the slope with your eyes closed, hands off the handlebars, and gulping in huge draughts of cool, sweet menthol scent of pine into your soul.