Stupid Mayoral Bets

The only dumber than Stupid Pet Tricks is Stupid Mayor Bets. You know the drill. Two sports teams — say Cincinnati and Cleveland (or Tisdale and Toronto Toledo) — meet in a post-season sports event [oops, have to take Toronto out here, no post-season possible for that city], and the two mayors hold a press conference uncomfortably wearing their city’s team jersey and wager on the winner, cleverly risking the product their particular city is known for.

If any of these mayors actually were sports fans, or even know more than the minimum of the team in question, it might be amusing. Now, it’s just a cliche, uncomfortable mayors in shiny jerseys they never paid for and wagering items the taxpayers will pay for, not them.

Please, bring on the dancing dobermans or manic monkeys. Enough of stupid mayors. Isn’t having to put up with Rob Ford enough?