Time for Tea?

I’ve never drunk a cup of coffee in my life; I can’t stand the smell or taste. I am, however, somewhat obsessed with elephants and a new blend coming from Thailand/Vietnam might just get me to try a cup. Or not. Maybe I’ll just stick to my go-to hot beverage, Market Spice tea.

Elephant dung coffee works like this:
Vietnamese elephant owners feed their elephants high-quality coffee cherries. The cherries are then “processed” through the elephant’s digestive system and deposited in a lump of dung at the other end. The beans are then dried in the sun before being washed, roasted, and ground. The taste has been described as fragrant and buttery, even chocolaty.


French ban ball point pen on grounds of immorality!

The ball point pen was invented in the 1950s. A Frenchman, Marcel Bich, helped perfect it. You know his contribution as the the Bic Pen. Unfortunately for Marcel, the French government believed the invention would undermine the moral fibre of French youth and banned it from schools for a decade and a half. It took an Act of Parliament to get the Bic into French schools.

Lest you think the French have a monopoly on such nonsense, consider that when tea was introduced to Britain centuries ago an esteemed British academic wrote treatises against its introduction that put REEFER MADNESS to shame, claiming it rendered users drug slaves unable to think for themselves and left to moral turpitude under its evil influence.

A terrible new drug your own parents are taking right now!

“This drug is especially efficient in producing nightmares with hallucinations which may be alarming in their intensity. Another peculiar quality of it is to produce a strange and extremely degree of physical depression. An hour or two after it has been taken a degree of sinking may cease upon the sufferer so that to speak is an effort. By miseries such as these the best years of life may be spoiled.”

— The Regis professor of physics at Cambridge, in, writing about tea in the early 20th century