Glass Houses: Louise Penny

Long time readers of these book reviews will know that Penny and I have long enjoyed an intensely deep romance, starting with delight at finding someone interesting and new, progressing through growing interest, moving to infatuation, and climaxing in her best work so far, THE BEAUTIFUL MYSTERY. Since then, our relationship has moved on, grown, less passionate, only making it stronger, more like understanding and cuddling now, spooning, accepting when she forgets to shave her legs or steals the blankets in the middle of the night. By Book #20, we’ll be checking each other’s backs for suspicious moles.

It’s because of this, that I know too much about her, that I feel comfortable giving Penny some advice, because of how much she’s exposed to me. Exposition. Explaining. There’s too much of it here. Show. Stop telling.That’ll re-kindle the romance, then.

A long wait for “The Long Way Home”

I’ve said before that Louise Penny’s Inspector Gamache detective series is fracking brilliant. “The Long Way Home” came out a few months ago and I’ve been saving it for a time I could savour the reading. That time is now.

Expecting too much can sometimes colour one’s first impressions of what is really good art. I hope I can read this with eyes that aren’t too hungry and just enjoy the meal.

Here are some comments as I go along….

… any other writer using a metaphor of using a moth battering itself to death against a light source would make Gamache’s inevitable return to unofficial police work seem trite and cliche. Penny’s use of language and timing made it profound.