Proxima: Stephen Baxter

Proxima isn’t quite up to top-tier space-based SF like THE EXPANSE or ENDER series, but it’s solidly in the middle tier. The science is realistic and doesn’t interfere with the story.

Like most fiction of this genre, it’s better because it switches back and forth between the life on the alien world and what is going on “back home.”

I’m looking forward to reading the continuing next part.

Strange Dogs: James SA Corey

A short novella in The Expanse Series. I’ve been carefully doling these out to myself like a kid trying to make his Halloween candy stretch out to Christmas (the next book).

Short, mildly interesting, scientists and military trying to scratch out a new world on a new world in the RING, but very little related to everything else we’ve seen so far…perhaps a prelude of future things to come?


The Vital Abyss: James SA Corey

hmmm….the least readable of Corey’s Expanse series. This one, a novella, 5.5 in the series, covers the incarceration of the team responsible for the protomolecule.

Despite the usual quality writing, if I hadn’t been deep into the series, I would have found it of little to no interest as a stand alone.

Nemesis Games: James SA Corey

While the Rocinante is undergoing a re-fit, the crew all goes off individually and we get to see them when they’re not part of their whole. Interesting, but even more satisfying when they all get back together again.

More individual back stories satisfyingly being filled in, even if the whole Free Navy success timeline is patently absurd.

Cibola Burn: James SA Cory

The first “Expanse” novel I’ve read without watching the corresponding TV episodes first.

I like the series best either when it goes wide, wide angle (exploring the big picture of man’s tentative first steps into space) or turns that focus wheel down tight to the close angle view of naked apes clubbing each other to death despite all their advances.

Cibola Burn offers both views, but focuses mainly on the middle exposures, which I didn’t find as compelling. Still very good though.

I may be in love with Elvi. Unrequited, I’m sure.

Leviathan Wakes: James SA Corey

James SA Corey is the nom de plume of two writers, one of whom is George RR Martin’s assistant. It’s set in the near future, as man starts to populate and mine the other planets and asteroids in our solar system, resulting in the fractioning and division of the human race.

SF The writing is sharp and fresh, the characters compelling. I’d like the book even more if it were as good as the amazing TV series based on the books. I don’t often get to say that.