Rasputin’s Daughter: Robert Alexander

Fictional account of Rasputin’s last days before being assassinated on the eve of the first Russian Revolution through the eyes of Rasputin’s eldest daughter, Matroyna. Sadly, the characters lack vitality, rarely jumping off the page; interesting to me only because it was part of MA study.


Today we are all Ukrainian

Growing up, I thought of myself as a hyphenated Ukrainian; you know someone whose grandparents were born there and immigrated overseas to make new lives.

Later, as I grew up and started getting experience of actually living overseas and being immersed in different cultures, I realized I was about as Ukrainian as a perogie made out Manitoba durham wheat and Taber potatoes. There wasn’t much Ukrainian content in me at all, other than the foods I grew up wth, my surname, and a few of the more interesting words.

Today, watching the horrible events going on throughout the Ukraine, I am once again Ukrainian, but this time in the sense Kennedy was when he called himself a Berliner.

I hope you are, too.

May peace soon settle upon that troubled land.