The Olympics

The Sochi Olympics are coming soon, just a matter of a few weeks now. The dedication and training athletes put in is amazing just to qualify for the Games, much less actually win them. It is truly something to admire, the accomplishments these athletes achieve just to reach the competition level.

Having said that, and putting aside the scandals regarding pharmaceutical help and medical cheating, are the modern games worth it anymore? The resources needed to stage the games and provide security in this day and age for a 2- or 3-week event is prodigous. Would the finances and work be better spent on other social needs in the host countries?

I was lucky enough to be living in Vancouver during the last Winter Olympics and the spirit and atmosphere was amazing. I’m not sure, however, if I wouldn’t rather see something more mundane but more worthwhile (food banks? soup kitchens? treatment programs for the East End denizens?) receive the resources. What do you think?