Night School: Lee Child

I’ve found you have to pace yourself with the Reacher series. Read the series order too quickly and it gets dull. Wait too long and you forget the rhythm. I timed reading this one just right. I was exactly ready for it and Child didn’t disappoint. He got it just right. Goldilocks right.

Three years on, three times two ex-prime ministers, and three million unanswered questions

Three years after the Fukushima disaster, Shinzo Abe seems determined to switch the nuclear power isotopes back on. This despite the overwhelming wishes of the Japanese population not to do so and the advice of six ex-Prime Ministers. Three years later, the nuclear contamination is not only not contained and continues to climb. It can only get worse, what with all the experienced TEPCO workers having already reached their contamination limits and only green employees to carry on. For a company that’s been nothing short of a disaster itself, this can only mean bad things to come for the nation and its people.