The Big Kahuna: Janet Evanovitch

After hitting the jackpot with her light, fluffy Stephanie Plum numbered series, Evanovitch has fully franchised out the formula, applying it to a number of Plum knock-offs with a variety of guest writers.

If the Plum series was mindless beach towel drivel, this is even more watered down; the characters are simply renamed and dropped in different situations, all of which are ludicrously unreal.

This isn’t pop; it isn’t even pop rocks. It’s more like p…o…

Turbo 23: Janet Evanovich

Reading an Evanovich book is like eating Victoria’s Secret shaped cheezies, but you neither enjoy eating them that much at the time or look forward to the next time, all the while knowing you’ll be at them again soon.

Evanovich had a great formula when it was fresh. Unfortunately, that freshness ended about a dozen books ago. This one is called “TURBO” for reasons I can’t fathom, as it has no connection to the book except it matches the formula of using an alliterative word that goes with the book number.

Evanovich has franchished out that formula under different series to a large number of affiliated writers and they follow it religiously.

Check out the GOODREADS reviews and you’ll notice identical plot summaries with different alliterative numbered titles written under so many affiliated writers that the series has gotten as lame as recent THE BIG BANG episodes.

It’s too bad Evanovich doesn’t have to follow the Grafton model and give up on a title with “Z.” Unlike the alphabet, numbers are infinite.

As I said, the formula was a good one when it was fresh, much like wearing a nice Hermes blouse to a great party, but it gets stale and stained after wearing it 48 straight days.