Just Saying

Is there a law in the Great White North stating that if you want to work for the Government of Canada or even one of its Crown Corporations or offshoots that you have to be a middle-aged battleaxe incapable of smiling?

Just saying. Sorry ladies. If you don’t like it, change.

A word of advice: It’s called “SERVICE Canada.” Read the name again.

Day 2283 of the illegal Harper regime

The Harper regime announced today that it was repealing the chance for parole for life sentences for those already convicted of the most “heinous” offenders of the most “repulsive” of crimes.

Hopefully, this will include illegal prorogation of parliament, illegally cancelling the right of legally elected governments to govern, one of the most serious crime a democracy can undergo. The Harper Regime, you will remember, implemented this illegal act on Dec. 2, 2008 and remains in power.

Day 2283 of the illegal Harper regime [and counting].

French ban ball point pen on grounds of immorality!

The ball point pen was invented in the 1950s. A Frenchman, Marcel Bich, helped perfect it. You know his contribution as the the Bic Pen. Unfortunately for Marcel, the French government believed the invention would undermine the moral fibre of French youth and banned it from schools for a decade and a half. It took an Act of Parliament to get the Bic into French schools.

Lest you think the French have a monopoly on such nonsense, consider that when tea was introduced to Britain centuries ago an esteemed British academic wrote treatises against its introduction that put REEFER MADNESS to shame, claiming it rendered users drug slaves unable to think for themselves and left to moral turpitude under its evil influence.