Zoo Station: David Downing

I’ve read all of Downing’s “Station” books before, but decided to go back to the source and remind myself what makes a good writer.

Downing provides extraordinary portraits of decent, ordinary people in extraordinarily evil times. My favourite Nazi-timeline series.

The Verdict: Nick Stone

Not in the first tier of legal/crime/mystery stories but still good.

I don’t know if I’m getting better at discerning plot threads early, but there were several here that I thought were very early and clearly telegraphed, which took some of the interest out of the story.

Transcript: Kate Atkinson

Oh my! Didn’t this one surreptitiously infiltrate onto my device clandestinely. I don’t remember ever having heard of this author, much less installing it on my device.

Oh my! Erudition! Intelligence! Bon mots! Clever turns of phrase! A superb sense of time and place!

And of course, the sublime Juliet Armstrong: orphan, romantic, thief, inveterate liar, unhappy virgin, free with her charms, spy, loyal friend, completely selfish, spunky, devil may care, murderess [yes, that’s a spoiler, but Ms Atkinson saves a much larger surprise ending that I had not one iota was coming].

Superb bibliography. With the ‘right’ books (my grad degree is in the History of Intelligence during this time period, so I know which ones are which).

I sincerely hope Ms Atkinson will see fit to provide me with an invitation to be part of Juliet Armstrong’s fascination life again.

I’ll be waiting.

Juliet….Juliet…wherefore art thou?

Ginger Pride! Ginger Pride! Get your tickets now!

Wonder what colour their pride flag will be?


Ginger Pride festival to take place in 2016, celebrating the positives of being a redhead
09:52, 2 JULY 2015
Ginger folk have a lot of reason to celebrate next year, if this man has anything to do with it

SWNSStuart Parry (R) with fellow gingers John Harding(centre), Krissy Lancaster who are planing to organise a ginger gathering.Stuart Parry (R) with fellow gingers John Harding(centre), Krissy Lancaster who are planing to organise a ginger gathering.
2015 may very well be the year of PRIDE.

Ireland said ‘yes’ to same-sex marriage in May with a landmark referendum.

And there was victory in the US on Friday, as the Supreme Court ruled the ban on gay marriage in some US states as unconstitutional.

Pride is in the air, and the next movement is being spearheaded by ‘Team Ginge’ leader Stuart Parry, a 43 year-old pizza delivery man and proud ginger from Lipson, Devon.

SWNSStuart Parry (centre) with fellow gingers John Harding(L), Krissy Lancaster (R) who are planing to organise a ginger gathering.If you can’t wait for Stuart’s festival, there will be Redhead Day in London this September.
Stuart is currently planning the south west’s first ever Ginger Pride festival to celebrate all there is about being ginger. He explained his motivation to the Plymouth Herald.

“I wonder if we’re approaching a time when bullying gingers is over.
Being ginger has stopped being uncool, and people are seeing more and more positives about being a redhead.”

Ed Sheeran is a hit with the ladies, and a positive ginger role model.
Together with his wife and other supporters, Stuart recently held a successful meeting to plan the gathering.

Having suffered from depression, he credits his ginger pride festival plans with helping him through it.

And he has high hopes for the celebration, with his eye on a venue with a capacity of up to 200 people, live music planned and a local celebrity to judge the (what else?) ‘gingerbread decorating competition.’

But the festival isn’t just limited to strawberry blondes, auburns, russets and titians.
The event’s Facebook page, which has over four thousand likes, demonstrates its fun and inclusive spirit.

“This is being done, not for political status or because we have a chip on our shoulder, but because it will be FUN!”

Stuart’s pioneering work is part of a national redhead revolution that’s been gathering pace not just in the UK, but also abroad.

The Netherlands have been championing their gingers for some time. This year will see the tenth jubilee of their annual Roodharigendag (Redhead Day).

SWNSStuart Parry (R) with fellow gingers John Harding(L), Krissy Lancaster planing to organise a ginger gathering.Proud: Stuart’s efforts have been getting a lot of recognition and he says “We’ve obviously hit on something here.”
September will see the UK celebrate it’s third Redhead Day in Angel, London, which is supported by the charity Anti-Bullying Alliance.

And of course the world of tech caught up with the movement earlier in the month when tech firm Swyft Media released its own “emoji keyboard” (which our very own head of social media reviewed).