From an Unspeakable Horror…the smallest of kindnesses

In the past few days, a Canadian jury found the perpetrator of one of the most horrorific,narcissistic crimes imaginable guilty. I do not wish to glorify that monster by repeating his name here.

The victim’s shell-shocked father came from China to watch every second of the trial of the man who brutally murdered his exchange-student son. He received justice but no apology from the monster.

What isn’t well-known that the father was brought to Canada for the trial by a Canadian law firm. The law firm, which played no part in the trial, had no role whatsoever and had nothing to gain, paid for the father’s trip over, his stay here, and arranged for daily translators so the father could follow the trial. The firm had one of its lawyers take the father to lunch every day in Chinatown and even took up a collection to treat him to a Habs game.

I wish to thank them for the effort (although I’m sure they will insist it was no effort at all).