Silesian Station: David Downing

#2 in the series; damn, damn fine pie.

My current favorite “thriller” writer. Gets all the details right. Realistically lets us know how average people are affected by political and economic situations in the inter-war European period.

Mmm, mmm, good.

On to the next.

Zoo Station: David Downing

I’ve read all of Downing’s “Station” books before, but decided to go back to the source and remind myself what makes a good writer.

Downing provides extraordinary portraits of decent, ordinary people in extraordinarily evil times. My favourite Nazi-timeline series.

Potsdam Station: David Downing

Downing’s novels are wonderful, dark yet hopeful vignette’s into the evil and ?? of the human soul. This one follows an extended family’s story in the last gasps of Hitler’s Germany. What I like most about Downing is the focus on “small” people and events caught up in the epic fails and Great Men of history. His stories are all the more real for it.

Read all of Downing’s “Stations.”