Kermit the Frog working illegally in USA…to be deported


In a shocking development, a joint party led by Birthers and Tea Party researchers have discovered that not only was Kermit not born in the US, he is indigenous to Costa Rica.

Rand Cruzio, a spokesman for the research group, said, “What do you expect from someone who hangs out with damn hippies. Long haired, bearded, sticking his hands up people asses all day. If he were alive, Jim Henson would be next on our list.

Turn the damn frog over and you can even see the bloodline where he has been sticking his fingers up Kermit ass.


Miss Piggy could not be reached for comment. A spokesman from the State Department confirmed she has recently applied for a passport and unconfirmed UPS whistle blowers state they recently delivered a packager from her to the Costa Rican Embassy.

Looked like a damn visa application to me, said a UPS driver on condition of anonymity. Good riddance, as far as I am concerned. Even is she is Murrican, we do not take with thems that hang out with furryners.