Muskrat Love

This month, the Canadian RCMP reversed a policy of issuing muskrat fur flap hats. Instead, it wanted to give officers the option of wearing wool toques. While fur is superior in providing warmth in the Arctic conditions much of Canada finds itself in in winter, not every day is reminiscent of the Ice Age, making the woolen hat option sufficient for many officers in many situations.

Canada’s Environment Minister ordered the Mounties to reverse the policy. Leona Agulkkaq, who has no ministerial responsibility for the national police, wants it to remain mandatory for the fur of three dead rat-like creatures be on the head of every Mountie in Canada. She said the change threatened the livelihood of Canadians who depended on the fur trade and blamed the change on “radical animal rights activists.” By that reasoning, we could soon be ordered to smoke cigarettes daily, since not smoking threatens the livelihood of tobacco farmers.

Yes, in this government’s eyes, any protest or different opinion is “radical” and must be stomped out. After all, letting ordinary Canadians disagree with the government could threaten even more important jobs. Their own.