A mish-mash of thoughts and impressions come to mind over the past several days:

— Alan Turing has received a pardon from the Queen for “moral turpitude.” A pardon? Pardon me, but Alan Turing doesn’t need any bloody pardon from anyone. The man was a genius, someone who gave great service to his country. He was not only a brilliant mathamatician but the father of computing and inventor of the machine that broke the Nazi Enigma code in WWII, a feat which some people believe won the war (for my own take on that see my essay on the subject (http://www.amazon.com/Most-Secret-Source-Role-ULTRA-ebook/dp/B00ADE30TQ).

No, Alan, stand proud, you don’t need no pardon from anyone!

— Justin Bieber…. yawn, just go away, will you please? You’ve become the Britney Spears of your generation. If only you weren’t Canadian so you didn’t infect the world’s opinion of our fine country.

— The Sochi Olympics; in a previous post, I mused whether the Olympics were worth the money and resource in this age; with the irresistible target they make for terrorists, that opinion is only growing stronger. I pray for the athletes, their relatives and the specator’s sakes there is somehow no incident related to these games.

— Rob Ford….see comments about la Bieber above but replace Britney Spears with Marion Barry. To paraphrase an axiom, a city gets the mayor it deserves. Toronto the unloved.

— Gillian Flynn…I recently finished two extremely disturbing novels by Madame Flynn. So well written but so soul destoying; after reading them, I felt like scrubbing out my soul with a wire brush… do I applaud her skills or lament the psychological trauma the books inflict? In contrast, I also finished Christopher Moore’s LAMB, comically rich and just as well written. How is that people object to this satire of the Messiah story so much more strongly than Madame Flynn’s rampage through the psyche?

— The Ukraine….deja Orange…my prayers are with you.