Bamboo and Blood: James Church

I have no idea if North Korea is truly like Church displays. I doubt if anyone does. But Church writes so realistically, I have no trouble believing that people such as Inspector O do exist in a society such as Church portrays. Fantastic series.


The Alexander Cipher: WIll Adams

Decent story revolving around archaeology, Egypt, Macedonia and Alexander the Great marred by the hero twice risking life and career to rescue helpless women strangers. Shouldn’t we have gotten past the old, damsel-in-distress-needing-rescue trope in this day and age?

Money Shot: Christa Faust

I swear I don’t know how half of the books on my e-reader get on there. Seriously. Often, when I’m looking for the next book to read, I just pick one randomly from the 800 or so on there.

Given the title and tawdry cover, I didn’t expect much from this one. Boy, was I wrong. Not is there a good plot, fun characters, and tension, the writing is crafted, clever, and witty.

Money Shot wins.