The Heist: Janet Evanovich

This is pretty much Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum series dressed up in different clothes.

Still, somehow it seems fresher and funnier, perhaps because it’s book one in the series instead of book number twenty-something.


The Kill Artist: Daniel Silva

I’ve decided to go back and re-read the initial offering in some of my favourite mystery/thrillers to see if what attracted me still does.

There is no denying the skill, but I’m currently in the mood for Downing and Furst’s “little man” style.

This one has the scaffolding of the long-running series, but is a bit off-footed in tone and writing, leaving huge holes in Intelligence operational details and the forward-story of the books to come.

What struck me most — negatively; it is jarringly disturbing — is how often cavalierly Silva puts his female characters into situations where they spit out, used and often killed simply to gain inches or points in “the game.” Worse, how willingly they are complicit in the abuse.

I can see how this would happen occasionally in real life, but it seems it is one of the most common, enduring scenarios in the entire series.

I wish it would end.

An American Marriage: Tayari Jones

I have no idea of whether this book is representative of American marriages or not.

Like most marriages, this one is not very interesting, except perhaps to the principles involved.

Not only did Jones not mix up an pie for me with this work, she didn’t even set out the fixings for tea.