Why don’t they just go to Tims?


(what has to be the world’s way-coolest animal [except maybe for perhaps elephants])


Car-licking moose prompts warning in southern Alberta

Officials say don’t try to push them away from vehicles

The Canadian Press Posted: Dec 14, 2016 4:00 PM MT Last Updated: Dec 15, 2016 11:57 AM MT

Alberta government officials are warning visitors to Peter Lougheed Provincial Park about moose licking the salt off vehicles parked at the Chester Lake and Burstall Pass trailheads.

Alberta government officials are warning visitors to Peter Lougheed Provincial Park about moose licking the salt off vehicles parked at the Chester Lake and Burstall Pass trailheads.

Watch out for moose who like to lick vehicles.

That’s a warning from the Alberta government for people visiting Peter Lougheed Provincial Park about 130 kilometres west of Calgary.

Alberta Parks says moose are on the trails at Chester Lake and Burstall Pass and are coming into the trailhead parking lots to lick salt off the sides of vehicles.

Moose licking salt on cars

Photographer Kevin Long happened to snap this picture of a moose licking salt off cars in 2013 at the parking lot to Chester Lake trail and Burstall Pass in Peter Lougheed Provincial Park, although thankfully from a distance. (Submitted by Kevin Long)

The government advises people to sound their horn to try to get the salt-lickers away from their vehicles.

It also warns to not try to push a moose away from the vehicle.

In Canada, a female moose weighs an average of 750 to 926 pounds and a male moose averages between 992 and 1,102 pounds.

Alberta Parks issued the warning Tuesday and ask people report any aggressive moose encounters to them.

Please be advised of a moose warning for the Chester Lake and Burstall Pass Parking Lots and Area. More info @ http://ow.ly/bu6h3075xon 

Better bring a good umbrella

Ocean Falls, B.C. averages 330 days of rain per year. The low availability of sunlight has prompted a South African family with pophyria to move to the area. Unable to get visas to move there, they had to take their case to the Supreme Court of Canada to receive the right to stay.

Caesium giant!

Most of the World’s Caesium is in a Lake in Manitoba
The best-known use of this element is in Caesium-based atomic clocks – which are so accurate they would only be off by 2 seconds over a 65 million year lifespan. It’s also used as a lubricant for large drilling projects. The world’s richest deposit of caesium (roughly two-thirds of it) is at Bernic Lake, Manitoba.

Corb Lund euthanized after breaking leg at Calgary Stampede


Corb Lund euthanized after breaking leg at Calgary Stampede show

CALGARY (The News Desk) — Popular musician Corb Lund was euthanized at the Calgary Stampede on Sunday after the singer fell and broke his leg during a performance.

“A doctor was on scene immediately and determined that Lund had suffered from a broken right leg — specifically a fractured cannon bone,” organizers said in a written statement. “He was euthanized on the spot.”

Lund was a 52-year-old Edmonton native who had a previous career as a show horse before a friend convinced him to get into music.

“We all enjoyed watching Corb play this week,” said Ben Anders, lead organizer of the Virgin Mobile stage. “It’s always a shame to see one of our performances end this way.”

Lund’s band has been given a $2,500 fine and will be forced to start five seconds later in next year’s Stampede.

Steps have been taken in the past to limit the number of musicians that have to be put down each year, such as mandatory physicals and closing the open bar backstage, but at least one musician has had to be euthanized every year regardless.

Musician rights activists were furious, and rallied outside the Saddledome for hours Monday morning.

“This is a disgusting violation of his rights,” said Samantha Perton, a campaigner at MusicWatch. “He should have been put out to pasture, where he could live the rest of his days among other musicians.

“He should have been sent to Las Vegas.” ♦

Second biggest country in the world running out of original names

Canada is so large a country that it does not have enough names to contain all of its wonderfulness. That’s why it has two Maritime cities with almost the same names, St. John’s Newfoundand and St. John New Brunswick. It also used to have two professional football teams named the Saskatchewan Roughriders and the Ottawa Rough Riders, who have since gone defunct. A new team in Ottawa is called the Redblacks.

Not as “hot” as Bulgaria, but still in the top ten

Dating website MissTravel.com asked 40,000 single American male users to select the nationality they found most attractive as well as the characteristics about that nationality that made it attractive. Resoundingly the deciding factors were body type and accent.

Canadian ladies ranked at number nine, three places below number six: Bulgaria.

Number one? Brazil


Those more interested in the Y chromosome, Canadian men also ranked in at number nine. I’d tell you who the other nine were but as a raging heterosexual I don’t give a flying @$@( and couldn’t be bothered looking.

The Beaver Will Save the World!!!


A growing number of scientists, conservationists and grass-roots environmentalists see the beaver as a much overlooked tool when it comes to reversing the disastrous effects of global warming and world-wide water shortages. The Beaver Whisperers will revisit the industrious rodent and see it through the eyes of people like the University of Alberta’s, Dr. Glynnis Hood, whose astonishing scientific research findings are presented in her new book, “The Beaver Manifesto, ” and former trapper, Michel Leclair, who today “employs” an army of beavers to help him control flooding in Quebec’s Gatineau Park.

The documentary accompanies these and other “beaver whisperers” as they reveal the ways in which the presence of beaver transform and revive landscapes. The Beaver Whisperers reveals what it is that makes our national icon such a brilliant hydro-engineer and explores how beavers are being recruited to accomplish everything from finding water in a bone-dry desert to recharging water tables and coaxing life back into damaged lands.

Jacques Parizeau, rest in peace

The Honourable Jacques Parizeau, former Premiere of Quebec, who came within 1% of leading Quebec to Independence in a 1995 referendum, passed away June 1st. He was 84.

“Monsieur’s” cause of death was a foot jammed in his mouth, ostensibly placed there by “money and the ethnic vote.”

Sanford Fleming: Inventor of Time Zones

Sanford Fleming played a key role in the development of a satisfactory worldwide system of keeping time. The railway had made obsolete the old system where every major centre set its clocks according to local astronomical conditions. Fleming advocated the adoption of a standard or mean time and hourly variations from that according to established time zones. He was instrumental in convening an International Prime Meridian Conference in Washington in 1884 at which the system of international standard time – still in use today – was adopted.

Fun Canadian Facts: Canada not a “Real Country”

New Parti Québécois leader Pierre Karl Péladeau confirmed that Canada is not a real country when he called Canada an “imaginary country” this week. This confirms this little-known fact, which first came to light when Lucien Bouchard, Premier of Quebec stated, “Canada is divisible because Canada is not a real country,” on January 27, 1996.