City of Girls: Elizabeth Gilbert

Goddamn, I love this book! I fracking loved it. I almost couldn’t stand the part when Vivian’s first forays into adulthood in New York City ended and she drifted into “adulthood,” [and my interest started to drift, too] only to find the ending in her golden years so goddamn poignant and touching it outdid the prelude.

In a literary period when every other book title seems to have to have the word “girl” in the title, it was refreshing to read something so original and ‘real.”

Strange Dogs: James SA Corey

A short novella in The Expanse Series. I’ve been carefully doling these out to myself like a kid trying to make his Halloween candy stretch out to Christmas (the next book).

Short, mildly interesting, scientists and military trying to scratch out a new world on a new world in the RING, but very little related to everything else we’ve seen so far…perhaps a prelude of future things to come?


The Cairo Affair: Olen Steinhauer

Not my first reading of this one. I always love when Steinhauer features Hungary somehow in his work, but this one speaks to me because I was living in Libya during the time the book is set (and we see now how that turned out (badly).

Good character work by Steinhauer here: almost all the people initially appear as sympathetic characters, but we soon find out how much damage they do to others. Somehow, we still sympathize with them nevertheless.