Legacies: F. Paul Wilson

“You don’t know Jack!

Chances are you might have been accused of that more than once.

You probably don’t know this Jack. Repairman Jack is back after a 14-year hiatus (1984-1998). You should get to know him; Jack is my favourite New York character since Lawrence Block’s Matt Scudder and Bernie Rhodenbarr and F. Paul Wilson adds another roughly dozen books after this one.

Repairman Jack isn’t your average appliance repairman–he fixes situations for people, often risking his own life. Jack has no last name, no social security number, works only for cash, and has no qualms when it comes to seeing that the job gets done.

“Righteous” is the word I often see on reviews of this book series, and it fits. The writing, the character, the ambience: all are indeed “righteous.”

This one focuses on a technological secret that could change the world, but F. Paul doesn’t let it overwhelm the story the way it often does in other series.

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