Shades of Grey: Jasper Fforde

Fforde is ffantastic! Ffifty shades better than that other pretender who used a similar-but-longer title in a recent bestseller. Ffour spoons out off ffive. Iff only the scenes with the giant swan attacks weren’t so graph(f)ic! Too soon, Jasper, too soon!

(Pax) Pox Nipponica: Satoshi Nakamoto

Not quite up to Fatherland status, but a very solid Alternative History entry, made all the more interesting by its solid portrayal of Japanese society.

The Caller: Karin Fossum

Tight, concise, skilled writing, but the overall effect is more like taking your Suzuki Estilete moped in for routine maintenance than taking it to the top of a high, steep hill in the forest and gliding down the slope with your eyes closed, hands off the handlebars, and gulping in huge draughts of cool, sweet menthol scent of pine into your soul.