Rule Like a Pirate Day!

God, it would have been sweet to have seen pirates/Vikings in charge of Iceland, one of Europe’s oldest functioning democracies and nations.

Ron Without Don

The hockey broadcasting powers finally let Ron McLean loose, without the millstone of Don Cherry hanging around his neck, free to talk hockey, not tell Don how great he is, or swooning over small-town players. What a waste of talent for so many years

Reamde: Neil Stephenson

Neil Stephenson must have heard the joke: a priest, rabbi and a minister walk into a bar…

Except in Stephenson’s universe it’s an Ethiopian girl, Russian mercenary, Hungarian computer hacker, Chinese gamer, Idaho survivalists, Muslim jihadists, pot smugglers, game developers, MI6 and CIA spies and Russian mafia who all stumble into a terrorist plot.

If we were back in the bar joke, the entire menagerie would simply walk into the plot. Here, they amble, stroll, sashay, drift and saunter.

Stephenson creates great characters but although a lot happens in the book, it is definitely not, as one reviewer called the book, “fast-paced.”