Train station with one student passenger to stay open until she graduates

Train station with one student passenger to stay open until she graduates

The Daily Buzz
The Daily Buzz
January 13, 2016

A desolate Japanese train station will remain open until after the sole high school student who regularly uses it graduates later this year.

Every weekday, Kana Harada boards the train at Kyu-Shirataki Station, which is an hour ride to her school in the main city of Asahikawa. Her parents drive her to the station every morning, which take about five minutes, and Harada boards the 7:16 a.m. train. She’s usually the only passenger waiting on the platform.

About 10 other students are onboard the train once Harada gets on and she uses the hour-long ride to read, do homework or listen to music.

With only three services stopping at Kyu-Shirataki Station in the afternoon, Harada usually has to rush straight from school to catch the last train home.

After reviewing passenger numbers, Japan Rail Hokkaido had planned to close a number of lesser-used stations along their line, but decided to postpone the closure of Kyu-Shirataki after learning about Harada’s story.

The station is scheduled to close in March of this year, once she’s graduated.

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