Kafkaesque Kafka-sex

Here’s a question for you. There’s this guy you work with, married, and you both play on the same company sports team. You accept his invitation for a drink back in his hotel room You’re single, he’s not, but he makes a pass at you. You’re not drunk. You don’t say “no.” You don’t leave. Instead, you get on the bed and hand him a condom. We next cut to a scene full of birds and bees.

A clear case of sexual harassment, no? It must be, because the man in question, a Liberal Member of Parliament, who has been kicked out of caucus by the Liberal leader, without the right to defend himself or face his accuser. In a scene out of Kafka, he’s guilty without being able to defend himself.

The accuser, an NDP Member of Parliament, was the one who provided the details above, all the while insisting on her anonymity as well as her victimhood.

The only real victim here is the guy’s wife. And the Liberal “leader’s” judgement.

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