Lenin in drag

A compendium of random news and facts that have nothing to do with the author of ATLAS SHRUGGED or THE FOUNTAINHEAD. The category title is just as random as the content within.


Pimp My Lenin: Ukrainians Dress Up Statues of the Soviet Leader
Protesting Russia with patriotic statement pieces is the hot new trend
Author: Sarah Kaufman Posted: 10/06/14 07:29 EDT
Deep Web Reporting By: Vladi Vovchuk


Toppling monuments to Vladimir Lenin is all the rage in Ukraine right now. Activists in Kharkiv recently auctioned off bits and pieces of the local Lenin statue they knocked down in order to fund the Ukrainian army.

But some Ukrainians are taking things to the next level: giving their statues of the Russian dictator hot makeovers, draping the iconic Russian figure in the colors and/or national dress of Ukraine. Activists in Nikopol dressed their Lenin monument in a dapper three-piece number the colors of the Ukrainian flag in late August. Ukrainian journalist Yuri Gudimenko followed suit (pun intended) on Saturday by putting an oversized embroidered Ukrainian tunic on his local statue in Zaporizhia.



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