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A Quebec NDP MP is apologizing on Monday after offering a bizarre perk to anyone who donated $50 to her online fundraising campaign.
Charmaine Borg, who represents the riding of Terrebonne-Blainville in Quebec, came under fire over social media when her crowdsourcing platform came to light over Twitter.
For a $50 donation, she promised to say the name of the campaign donor aloud in the House of Commons.
Borg posted the fundraising campaign on crowdsourcing website FundRazr.com. In it, the NDP critic for Digital Issues asks potential contributors to “Help Charmaine Borg be your voice in the tech era.”
Under the original listing of contribution “perks,” which has since been removed, Borg promised to say the donor’s name in Parliament for every contribution of $50.
For a contribution of $1,000, Borg promised to speak the phrase “Resistance is Futile” in Parliament, in an apparent reference to the catchphrase made popular by the fictional Borg villains on the “Star Trek” TV series.
Some suggested Borg’s offer was an inappropriate use of the powers that elected representatives hold while in public office.

Borg quickly apologized over Twitter, and both “perks” have since been removed from the fundraising webpage. $25, $100 and $500 donation requests remain, with those perks ranging from a handwritten thank-you note to a dinner with Borg.
“So regarding my crowdfunding campaign I apologize for anyone who got offended with the perks. I didn’t see it that way and am changing it,” Borg tweeted.
The crowdsourcing campaign, which had yet to raise any money on Monday afternoon, is scheduled to end on Oct. 22.
But the matter also raised questions about the legitimacy of using a crowdfunding site for apparent election fundraising purposes.
On the fundraiser page, Borg hyped her work on social media and privacy issues, and asks donors to keep her in Parliament.
“Any donation, no matter how big or small, will go a long way to keeping me in Parliament and to keep fighting for what matters most to you in the digital age.”
In an email to CTV News, an NDP caucus spokesperson said the use of crowdfunding websites was cleared for compliance with Elections Canada regulations.
“Ms. Borg, like many others, is exploring the possibilities offered by new social media techniques,” wrote Greta K. Levy. “She removed the potential problems from her fundraising appeal as soon as questions of appropriateness arose. No money has been raised using them and she acted and apologized immediately once she was aware of the problem.”
Borg was first elected to Parliament in 2011.
A federal election is expected to take place in 2015.


In these days of mad cow disease every single cow raised worldwide has its ear punched with a tag that tracks its every movement, from birth, through the farms it is raised on, to feedlot, and all the way to the supermarket shelf, where we’re told a single pound of hamburger can be composed of the parts of over a hundred cows.

In some grocery stores, that package of beef could well be placed there by a worker wearing the same kind of tag. The giant British supermarket Tesco, for one, tags its workers with armbands that track their productivity and movement. The idea is that this will “motivate” them to be more productive. I wonder. When you treat your workers like cattle or bar codes, can you really expect them to respond as humans?

5-Star review for “Molotov’s Cocktail

Thank you, Musefall, for the very nice review of my novel, “Molotov’s Cocktail,” on Library Thing.


Snow is a Canadian on the other side of the world in Russian vodka country, content to be depressed and miserable for the rest of his life, until an accident puts him into a coma.

We’re then taken into the past and what has happened to him up to that point with the help of the woman, Magda, who won’t give up on him. There is also a danger that is making the workers sick, and as a keeper of the documents for the company, he may be the deciding factor in exposing the threat before it continues on its dangerous course.

Magda was an interesting character, and her determination to not give up on Snow and pull him out of his darkness defines her complex character even more. I felt a lot of sympathy for Snow as well, and his past that helped put him where he is now. The conditions that they have to endure are harsh and in many ways unforgiving. This is a great read for anyone who enjoys unconventional thrillers that have something to offer other than the usual.

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Musefall | Jul 28, 2014 |


A book that will change your life…


If you think I’m kidding that this book will change your life, just consider that John Travolta, Tom Cruise, Chick Corea, Jenna Elfman, Isaac Hayes, Neil Gaiman, Peaches Geldoff, JD Salinger, Sir Isaac Newton, Thomas Jefferson, twins Tegan and Sarah, Playboy’s Dahm triplets, the Four Tops, Norse god Aegir and Winston Churchill all pissed on this book!

Remember, it is well established that the kidney is the seat of the soul!


The New Satan Mills of Human Child Slavery in Canada

This summer, Occupational Health and Safety Inspectors discovered slave labour taking place on a Saskatchewan farm, where two eight- and ten-year-old girls were forced to pluck chickens on the family farm. When confronted, the girls’ mother dismissed the travesty as “simply chores,” as if reducing it to Orwellian Newspeak could diminish the horrors of this hidden, institutionalised atrocity. The incident put human faces on a hidden social evil of the near-Siberian work conditions of Canadian children forced to do unpaid labour for their bourgeois, capitalist parents in the Satanic mills called families.

Much has been made of the new social phenomenon where modern children are not considered equal members of a family, expected to contribute to the economic well-being of their parents and siblings. Instead of being used as “free labour,” today’s youth are said to be “treasures,” coddled with kid gloves; chauffeured from point A to point B, never being reduced to having to ride a bicycle or take public transport; enrolled in as many extra-curricular activities and enrichment camps as possible; helicopter parents ensuring their treasures are in constant contact with the latest IPhone; never to be away from electronic surveillance monitoring until even after entrustment to a university or college.

If only the picture were truly that rosy. In a series of investigative reports conducted by LHOoT, dozens of Canadian children risked the wrath of their workhouse overseers. Speaking on condition of anonymity, these forced Stakhanovites reported harrowing tales of Dickensian cruelty, being forced to vacuum entire bedrooms in a single work session, washing full sink loads of dishes, cutting huge swaths of urban lawns, walking dangerous wild canine beasts and being forced to put their hands in plastic bags and pick up their steaming feces; or even – shudder – to have to supervise and be responsible for other young children, in effect contracting out this system of forced labour among the victims themselves. There were even cases of illicit lemonade trafficking, all such operations conducted without the benefit of business licences or sales tax remittance to the proper authorities. As if to illustrate the illegality of the trafficking, the entire business was designed to be packed up and “disappeared” on a minutes notice, only to pop up in a different location on another day.

Where is our modern-day Zola? Our Steinbeck? The equivalent of abolitionists and suffragettes who worked tirelessly to eliminate past social evils?

The solution? The solution is you, dear reader. Stop this insidious social evil in its tracks by confronting its practitioners wherever you see it, petitioning government to pass legislation. Be creative. Think of what you can individually do. As an example, the next time you see some poor waif force to walk to his or her forced educational institution, offer to piggyback them there, all the while completing their homework for them on the way.