The Internet is Full

The Internet is full. I am not kidding. This is not a Corner Gas episode where everyone makes fun of Oscar by telling him he broke the internet. It really is full.

Experts would have us believe the problem is a memory limit for old routers that recently exceeded a memory limit:

“The issue revolved around a limit on the number of concurrent connections made to routers that underpin the internet. These operate in a similar manner to home routers spreading data about the global internet, rather than simply within a single address.

“Old hardware that is at least five years past its end-of-life sulked, because it ran out of memory,” explained James Blessing, chair of the Internet Service Providers Association, which has close to 300 members across the UK.

‘The address book filled up’

“The problem revolved around TCAM memory – which is like an address book – getting full,” Blessing told the Guardian. “The default settings have 512,000 entry spaces. It reached 512,000 entries last week when an internet service provider (ISP) had a problem and leaked some address space, which caused some older boxes at other ISPs to fail.”

Poppycock. The problem is all those cat videos you’re downloading and sending links of to your friends. Delete them now or lose the internet forever! Forward this link to all your friends or you will lose the ability to ever contact them electronically again!


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