Nothing to Hide

Nothing to Hide

“I’ve got nothing to hide.” You hear it all the time. Yet another government agency oversteps the law and breaks the constitution by infringing on our privacy rights and some idiot will excuse them, blaming the victim. “S/he shouldn’t object if s/he’s got nothing to hide,” the idiot will usually say.

Most countries have laws protecting privacy. In the US, there’s the Fourth Amendment. In my own country, we have Section Eight. No, not the Section Eight Klinger kept trying to use on MASH to get out of military service on grounds he was crazy. Section Eight of the Charter of Rights in Canada protects the individual against unreasonable search and seizure by their government. Like the recent case where a government spy agency intercepted Canadian airport passengers’ Wi-Fi communications. Not one person, not with warrants – every bleeping communication from every passenger in that airport. You want crazy? That’s crazy. What’s even crazier is that the average citizen yawns and go back to eating Cheese Puffs while watching American Idle (sic).

Thank you, Edward Snowden, formerly of the NSA, for releasing information at least trying to keep the spy agency’s honest. Hello, 1984, we want our future back.

Nothing to hide? Great. You’re a true patriot. Here’s what I want you to do, then. Send me your passwords to all your private accounts. What’s that? You don’t trust me? I’m a stranger and you don’t know what I’d do with the information? Why would you object if you’ve got nothing to hide?

I got news for you. I’m no different than that faceless bureaucrat working for the three-letter agency. You don’t know him and what he’s going to do with it either. Anyway, who wants someone rummaging through your underwear drawer, even if all you wear are plain white Stanfields?

Nothing to hide? The only thing being hidden here are the laws and rights in our constitutions.


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