A few very nice reviews for PIG on Barnes and Noble



Posted August 16, 2013

This starts off very good – unlike many other books I’ve read. I was intrigued right from the start with Snow’s adventures. There is crime, spies, thrills – enough for a good weekend read in between gardening or relaxing around the house.

The style is very sharp and makes you think about how it has a distinctive silent reading style. The characters were well thought out and you feel along with them. Without letting the story out of the bag you will enjoy reading this story filled with suspense. Russia sets the perfect backdrop for such a story with it’s cold past and chilly weather. The story presents terrorism in a different light and viewpoint.

How ironic that the main character’s name relates to the U.S.’s recent news of a supposed "whistleblower and traitor", which makes for an even more interesting read.


Posted August 14, 2013

This book is prefaced with the definition of a P.I.G. (an instrument used to clean industrial pipes) – this sets the tone of the story – that of tension and suspense. Snowden ‘Snow’ Nastiuk lives in the camp housing workers from the Noyabrsk oil production facility, in Russia,. He is thrown into a world of international terrorism when he meets Magda Perskanski.
The writing style is sharp and edgy, similar to a style distinctive to spy thrillers and crime fiction. The characters are well-written and the plot is complex and interesting. I was hooked form the beginning scene that sees Snow accidentally locked outside his cabin in the middle of a below freezing night in just his underwear!



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