Curse of the Fire Horse Woman!

How many of you  laughed at being warned against being involved with a Fire Horse Woman regret it now?

People born during the year of the Fire Horse are notorious for being bad luck. People born during a Fire Horse years are said to be irresponsible, rebellious, and overall bad news.

And for some reason, women are said to be especially dangerous Fire Horses. They supposedly sap their family’s finances, neglect their children, and drive their father and husband to an early grave.

Where there’s smoke …


3 comments on “Curse of the Fire Horse Woman!

  1. Andy says:

    It’s true, fire horse women are bad luck, and all the points you stated above applies.
    One born on the 15th of June 1966, she was a complete wreck, she hid the qualities real well though, but her efforts only ended in vain. She’s probably drained her rich hubby’s finances by now, and yes, beware of these women, they will fxck you up bad.

  2. lee says:

    Iam currently living with one. I now believe there is some truth to this.. Everything in her life seems to be a drama often of her own making, she enjoys spreading gossip, then worries that she has said too much that may come back to damage her own reputation causing her anxiety and sleepless nights. Even her close family have not escaped as she manipulated her dying mother into leaving a majority share of an inheritance to her and caused a huge rift as a consequence whilst cunningly making her sisters feel they were at fault in some way with there mother, none of which was anything more than malicsious backstabing on her part. She answers to no one, yet expects me as her partner to have no life of my own and be on hand to provide emotional support, help in any emergency with her friends and herself and never question her in the process even when its clearly wrong, We have been together 12 years on and off, unmarried due to the fact she will not trust or share her time as would occur in a normal loving relationship, yet when i have tried to leave she makes my life unbearable with destructive behaviour and spiteful gossip even physically attacking my own mother. She has ruined the lives of people close to her and business rivals alike, has no involvement with my family and cannot stick to one plan for very long. Impatient, self centered, driven by jelousy, extremely materialistic altough possesions bring her no comfort. The most remarkable thing is her ability to disguise her deviousness by taking the moral high ground to destroy others confidence and even rely on her as a leader.. Hitler was too damn obvious in comparison to this capricorn fire horse. I hope to escape soon, life was never this hard before i met her.

  3. darvinbabiuk says:

    Well, it’s hardly a representative sample to form conclusions from, but two out of two comments with pretty much the same opinion.

    Let’s hope more people chime in and we can have a true sampling.

    I wish the best of luck both of you in your lives.

    Thanks for reading (and replying).

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