PIG: A THRILLER gets first five star review on Amazon!

PIG has received it’s first five-star review on Amazon. Thank you, Alexandria, for taking the time to provide feedback after reading it.

And I’m glad you enjoyed it, too!

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5.0 out of 5 stars Witty & Entertaining July 28, 2013
Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase
I wasn’t sure what I would be getting when I started reading “Pig: A Thriller”, but the premise for the book was interesting and I have to admit that the book cover drew my eye. This book ended up being a really well-written, witty and entertaining read that drew me into the lives of Snow and Magda from within a small oil camp in Russia. The author has crafted a plot that keeps you guessing and driven along as more and more of the plot unfolds, providing a stimulating glimpse of Russia after the fall and the lives of those affected by it.

The developing relationship between Snow and Magda is at the center of a strange illness sweeping through the oil camp and a hidden plot of misdeeds by Pig, the camp boss who’s nothing if not a true tyrant. Things begin to pick up pace as the hidden mechanisms of the oil camp begin to be uncovered and it’s up to Magda and Snow to bring Pig to justice before things truly get out of hand.

Throughout reading this I found myself absorbed into the curious relationship of Snow and Magda, each of them with a backstory that provides just a little bit more depth and startling characterization that makes the plot even more real. Overall, I found this book to be enjoyable and it kept me interested through to the very end.

Curse of the Fire Horse Woman!

How many of you  laughed at being warned against being involved with a Fire Horse Woman regret it now?

People born during the year of the Fire Horse are notorious for being bad luck. People born during a Fire Horse years are said to be irresponsible, rebellious, and overall bad news.

And for some reason, women are said to be especially dangerous Fire Horses. They supposedly sap their family’s finances, neglect their children, and drive their father and husband to an early grave.

Where there’s smoke …