Time for a New Year’s Renoviction!

Now that 2013 is here, it’s Renoviction time!

What is a renoviction?

Definition: Renoviction is a new housing buzzword, perhaps a buzz-saw word. It is a portmanteau word, a blend of renovation + eviction, a neological nightmare for British Columbia tenants. Renoviction is the act of evicting longtime tenants from their rental houses and apartments by moneybag-landlords who announce huge renovation plans that require the emptying of apartments and homes to be renovated. Once out, the tenants are not allowed to renew their leases until they agree to monstrous rent increases, sometimes double what they paid before the renoviction.

The new word was coined by B.C resident activist, Heather Pawsey.


Why am I telling you about it?

Because I’ve been working on a mystery series set in Vancouver, the first title of which is Renoviction Blues. Chapter One of Renoviction Blues has been accepted as an except to be published on a literary site within a month or so. Once it’s up, I’ll post the link here.

Make it your New Year’s Resolution to read about this Renoviction.